Speech Therapy in WestchesterAdult Speech Therapy in Westchester

Numerous teens and adolescents who suffer from speech issues like stuttering, in addition to many neurological problems that could interfere with their speech and response as well. Adult speech therapy in Westchester supports a vast array of communication, oratory, and swallowing concerns.

In fact, a number of adults actually go through years of speech therapy to overcome their conditions. This is largely due to speech issues transforming over time, as well as patients’ changing emotions or attitudes about their communication skills as they gain new experiences.

Nevertheless, it is important to formulate and implement a clear idea regarding the motivation behind going to speech therapy. The reasons that a patient seeks treatment in the first place often acts as the best guide.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health wants to share some information regarding speech therapy in Westchester, including finding the benefits, and the course of treatment. Read on to find out more.

Meeting with a Speech Therapist

When a patient sets their first meeting for speech therapy in Westchester, a typical course for treatment will begin. First, the speech therapist may meet with the patient at a clinic, however, some see patients in their own home.

For patients that suffer from difficulties in communication, therapists will ask them about the nature of their difficulties. This includes information on how they affect the patient, in addition to the origins of their symptoms.

A speech therapist does this to gain an insight into the patient’s unique condition in relation to various aspects of language. Once they can determine the relevant condition, this enables them to establish a diagnosis and a speech therapy care plan.

This part of the speech therapy will normally focus on each patient’s individual needs. For example, patients that suffer from issues with their swallowing will answer questions that concern their medical history, diet, etc. 

The information that a speech therapist obtains during these initial interactions they will use while cultivating the unique care plan. Then, the treatment can evolve into examining their reflexes, as well as their muscles in the mouth and throat areas.

As time goes on, they may also recommend adaptations to the food the patient eats, the way they sit while eating, and even the way that the patient carries their head during meals. This treatment will also include an exercise regimen to help them optimize and improve in these areas.

How Speech Therapy in Westchester Can Help Adults

Many people think about speech therapists as primarily a resource to help the very young work on their speaking skills. While they do administer this treatment course, speech therapy in Westchester additionally serves adult patients while helping them communicate, act cognitively, and eat or drink safely.

In fact, speech therapy involves any evaluation and treatment of individuals that suffer from speech, language, and thinking issues, in addition to swallowing disorders. Adults may develop these problems if they experience a brain or neurological disorder or injury.

Speech therapy identifies areas for improvement while working with patients on their goals with appropriate care plans. This extends to education on techniques or strategies to improve communication skills.

As patients progress through their care plan, therapists review and modify treatments based on their progress, and their everchanging goals. The speech therapist will continue communicating progress, detriments, etc. with a patient’s physician during the entirety of treatment.

Speech Therapy in Westchester from QualiCare Home Health

Speech Therapy in WestchesterSpeech therapy in Westchester for adults or teens often means adapting long-established speech behaviors. Unfortunately, this also means changing emotions or attitudes regarding talking and communicating in general.

As a result, speech therapy could progress very differently depending on a patient’s goals. This means that some patients could conclude treatment in a matter of weeks, and some others may take months before finally seeing optimal results.

Nevertheless, working together with a speech therapist who wields knowledge and experience regarding the patient’s condition is the ideal course on the journey to ultimately speaking or swallowing properly.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health works to help patients overcome their speech and swallowing conditions. We take an understanding, caring approach with each patient as we formulate and implement a care plan that works for their unique, individual condition.

To identify your own personal speech therapy goals and learn more about speech therapy in Westchester, contact the dedicated, trained professionals from QualiCare Home Health today!


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