Speech Therapists and Their Unique Training with a Multitude of Impairments

Speech Therapy in South MiamiEver heard someone say that they see a speech therapist? The first thing that usually comes to the mind concerning speech therapy in South Miami is that these professionals teach young developing children how to speak properly and communicate.

Although this remains accurate, speech therapy also can assist individuals throughout their adulthood. This could include adults that wield difficulty chewing and swallowing, impairments in their communication, as well as a variety of other conditions.

Individuals commonly suffer from issues regarding their cognitive communication that impairs their ability to participate in many conversations properly. They might toss this off as “Oh, that’s just the way I talk.”

The symptoms could include difficulties speaking clearly, conveying their thoughts efficiently and effectively, or even understanding and replying in a timely manner.

The overall goals behind speech therapy in South Miami focus on assisting patients with their cognitive communication impairments, helping them to function independently and make safe decisions in their daily lives.

These communication situations can occur in a sudden fashion or may gradually progress. Nonetheless, with speech therapy in South Miami, patients can expedite improvements concerning these conditions.

Commonly Utilized Speech Therapy Techniques

Thousands of patients seek out a speech therapist to help them combat a variety of speech problems. These specialists will employ a wide variety of techniques to help patients reach their goals. Some common ones include:

Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy is a unique approach that helps patients focus on producing certain sounds properly. Speech therapy in South Miami relies on this technique, aiming to help individuals work on articulating different parts of their speech, and can help with many problems due to injury, illness, or delay.

Oral Motor Therapy

This speech therapy approach is comprised of an exercise regimen that works to strengthen the muscles in and around the mouth. As a result, patients obtain increased focus and control of their speech.

While this modality can help patients with derivative delays, most specialists will more commonly deploy the technique for individuals who suffered as a result of a physical injury or other circumstance that led to them speaking improperly.

Language Intervention Therapy

Specialists rely on Language Intervention Therapy in speech therapy in South Miami to help patients cultivate and nurture their speech abilities. This is a common modality to help children who exhibit speech delays.

However, it can also ideally serve adults who need some extra encouragement to accomplish their language goals. Language Intervention Therapy is a less-formal way to help these patients pronounce words, as well as speak properly overall.

Stuttering and Swallowing Difficulty

Stuttering is a problem that typically develops during childhood. Nonetheless, this can arise during a patient’s adult life, as well. Stuttering is a commonly-occurring behavioral problem. Speech therapists rely on therapeutic intervention methods that teach patients behavioral modification techniques that can help control stuttering issues.

This can include teaching patients to control their rate of speech. Speaking too quickly or slowly actually makes stuttering problems work for a wide variety of individuals. For some, practicing their speech in a methodical, more fluent manner is often helpful.

Furthermore, speech therapy in South Miami can also correct issues for those that possess challenges with their swallowing. Treatment intervention usually includes assisting individuals by administrations of exercises to make the mouth strong, improve chewing, and increase tongue movement.

A specialist can also make expert recommendations regarding the consistency of the foods the patient eats. This treatment even extends to helping parents develop chewing and swallowing in infants. They will coordinate their suck-swallow-breath pattern while helping optimize and maximize their self-feeding abilities.

Speech Therapy in South Miami with QualiCare Home Health

Comprehensive speech therapy in South Miami is the ideal treatment to help individuals improve their speech. Professional intervention addresses numerous different aspects of speech. This includes volume, articulation, and respiratory ability.

This approach is optimally-effective for far more than increased speech ability. Speech therapy can assist with swallowing, improvements in facial expression, in addition to communication and articulation.

Speech therapy in South Miami is a unique treatment regimen that works to strengthen the laryngeal muscles and improve vocal control. The good news is for South Floridians is that you’ve stumbled across a perfect solution for speech and communication assistance!

Our team from QualiCare Home Health focuses on helping patients recover in the most welcoming and comfortable environment possible, our center located in the heart of Pinecrest. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today!


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