Ways That Speech Therapy in Pinecrest Can Help Your Child

Speech therapists work with children that suffer from various delays and disorders. Thee may span from mild articulation issues to more complex conditions like autism, down syndrome, hearing impairment, or motor speech disorders.

These specialists work to help children with speech, talking, and communication. However, many feel surprised when they learn the numerous ways that speech therapy in Pinecrest can build and expand skills in young children.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health want to outline some information concerning how speech therapy in Pinecrest can help your children. A speech therapist can assist with:

Articulation Skills/Intelligible Speech

Articulation reflects the physical ability to move the tongue, jaws, lips, and palate while producing individual speech sounds or tones. This is essentially the motions and actions we need to do to speak.

Intelligibility is how well people can understand our speech. When a child’s articulation skills remain compromised for any reason, this intelligibility will reside at a lower level compared to other children the same age.

Speech therapy in Pinecrest works to teach children how they can produce specific speech sounds and patterns where they wield difficulty. As a result, speech therapy can actually increase their overall speech intelligibility.

Receptive Language and Listening Ability

Receptive language refers to a child’s ability to listen while understanding language. Children often possess stronger receptive language skills (ability to understand) than expressive language skills (what they can say).

Speech therapy in Pinecrest can help educate children and develop their new vocabulary. This includes initializing this new knowledge to follow directions, answer questions, and participate in simple conversations with others.

Fluency and Stuttering

Stuttering represents a communication disorder that disrupts overall speech fluency. This condition is characterized by breaks in the flow of speech that typically begins during childhood. Although everyone experiences some disfluency in their speech, some significantly disrupt a child’s ability to communicate.

With stuttering, we often see repetitions, prolongations, interjections, or blocks. This might also include secondary behaviors like tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw, face, and chest. Speech therapy in Pinecrest can teach children strategies to help them control this behavior. Hopefully, this additionally, increases speech fluency and intelligibility.

Social and Pragmatic Language

Social and pragmatic language refers to the way individuals utilize language to communicate. It involves three primary communication skills including differential language communication, adaptive language in specific situations, and following the natural rules of conversation.

Speech therapy in Pinecrest works with children to teach them these social language skills. This can help them participate in conversations with others more appropriately.

Cognitive Communication

Cognitive communication disorders refer to impaired cognitive processing. These can include attention, memory, abstract reasoning, awareness, and executive functions. Such conditions may appear as a result of developmental issues, or due to head injuries, stroke, and degenerative disease.

Speech therapy in Pinecrest helps children build these skills while teaching compensatory methods that will assist them with their cognitive deficits.

Swallowing and Feeding Issues

Speech therapists often wield training to help pediatric clients with swallowing and feeding issues in addition to speech and language conditions. As speech specialists, they possess intimate knowledge of the structures and functions of the oral cavities.

Speech Therapy in Pinecrest with QualiCare Home Health – Empowering YOU to Help Your Child

The absolute best thing that a speech therapist can provide is empowering you to best help your child. They may spend an hour or more a week with your child.

You will wake them, get them ready for their day, read to them, talk to them, and put them to sleep at night. It is during these daily routines that your child learns the most, and experiences the most opportunities to communicate.

When equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence, parents often serve as the best speech therapists that their children will ever receive. For this reason, it remains important to always ask questions, take notes, and do the necessary homework as a child works through speech therapy in Pinecrest.

Working with this professional, you can make an amazing team. You may discover that this changes your child’s life each word at a time.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health works hard to help children overcome their speech and communication disorders. We enjoy helping patients learn to communicate with their friends and loved ones in an effective manner. To learn more about Speech therapy in Pinecrest, contact our team today!


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