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A person willing to start up a rewarding, self-fulfilling and stable career should seriously consider the possibility of getting a promising specialization in the healthcare industry, such as dentistry or nursing specializations. The healthcare industry offers very attractive and wide varieties of career opportunities in many of its professional specializations and fields.

The attractiveness of the health care law can be explained by the fact that this area happens to be one of the few that have not been affected by the economic recession. Virtually every medical specialization can be regarded as a safe guarantee of stability of employment and attractive wages.

Employment prospects for the healthcare specialization are considered promising for the foreseeable future. The population growth stimulates the growth of all types of health care facilities, and all of them will fill in looking for professionally trained specialists in the desired direction. 

Home Nursing Services

There are many specializations that nurses can go as soon as they finish school and start working in the field. These nurse specializations may be classified based on the setting, the nurse working in and the type of care they provide. Here are the top 5 nursing specializations categorized by environment and the type of care:

  • Ambulatory Care Nurses

After getting a BSN degree, you can choose to become an ambulatory care nurse. In this treatment of patients with various diseases, disorders and injuries in an ambulatory care institution.

  • Critical Care Nurses

These are the nurses who work in intensive care, critical care units and even on the road in helicopters to nearby facilities. They specialize in treating patients with serious problems such as heart, lung or breathing problems, including heart attacks and strokes.

  • Home Healthcare Nurses

Many patients require specialized nursing services at home after they recover from extreme or complex accidents, childbirth or surgery. People with acute illnesses may also require home care nurses who administer blood, fluids, and medications while monitoring the health of the patient on a daily basis. Sometimes this might be a short-term job, and other times it might be the very long term if the patient is a very serious condition that around the clock care.

  • Ob / Gyn Nurses

These are the RNs in maternity clinics and offices gynecologist working with physicians who care for women in their family planning and birth processes.

  • Psychiatric Nurses

Many nurses in training go to school to become psychiatric nurses because this is such a growing field. These nurses help treat patients suffering from mental illness, either in outpatient or inpatient settings. Their duties include assisting psychiatric physicians, administering medications, and providing patient care.

Other top nursing specializations are radiology nurses, who care for patients undergoing diagnostic radiation procedures, holistic nurses who work with alternative medicines, rehabilitation nurses who work with patients with temporary and permanent disability and surgical nurses who work with surgeons during operations.

It is our greatest mission to help the elderly and disabled patients reach and sustain their independence and self-reliance. As a professional institute and sighting the recent focus of the United States government about reducing spending on healthcare, hospital readmissions are a costly proposition. The integration of hospital and ambulatory care is the key to reducing readmissions. Formal or strong informal relations between hospitals and the local primary care providers, such as Home Healthcare Agencies, will improve outcomes for patients and reduces the costs associated with health care spending.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Qualicare Home Health Care offers the unique ability to provide health care treatments which were previously only available in a hospital or doctor’s office to receive in the comfort of your home. Qualicare home health care offers a long list of services that are often less expensive, more convenient than and as effective as the care that you would receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. In general, the goal of home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury. For our patients, we are committed to improving patient access to much-needed health care. In doing so, we focus on minimizing the devastating personal consequences of illness, accident or disability in our patients and their families.

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Qualicare Home Health provides the unique opportunity to receive health care treatments that were previously only offered in a hospital or doctor’s office, in the comfort of your home.

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