Everything You Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Treatment in PinecrestParkinson’s disease is a long-term movement disorder. This occurs as a result of the deterioration of brain cells that control movement. This may cause changes in the way you move, act, or feel.

Parkinson’s may progress, imparting a severe impact on your daily life. Nevertheless, PD does not represent a life-threatening condition.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of Parkinson’s remains unknown. It may occur due to problems with how our brains work. Dopamine is a chemical that helps our mind control our movement and thoughts, in addition to our feelings. When PD occurs, the brain cells that produce dopamine die off. For this reason, the brain cannot produce enough dopamine.

Parkinson’s disease substantially impairs a patient’s quality of life. If you or a loved one suffer from PD, it remains crucial to educate yourself on the condition. This will help you make informed decisions regarding Parkinson’s treatment in Pinecrest.

Because Parkinson’s remains only treatable, understanding treatments, in addition to treatment options, remains critical for preserving functional capacity, as well as overall quality of life.

Management and Parkinson’s Treatment in Pinecrest

No cure exists for PD. The goal behind treatment is helping you to manage symptoms optimally. If you have Parkinson’s disease, you may require the following:

  • Specialists utilize anti-Parkinson’s medication to improve movement problems. This can include muscle stiffness, twitches, as well as restlessness. Healthcare providers may additionally employ combinations of medicine to help manage overall symptoms.
  • Parkinson’s treatment in Pinecrest may also provide botulinum toxin as an injection into the muscles. This can help them relax and feel less stiffness.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes surgery remains necessary. Some specialists will place an electrical device inside of the brain. This is called deep brain stimulation. This approach can help decrease symptoms including tremors and rigidity.

To manage Parkinson’s disease, avoid eating any high-protein or dairy-rich foods. This can cause issues with how some PD medications work. Ask a healthcare provider how much protein and dairy intake remains appropriate considering your unique condition.

Exercising regularly additionally remains an important part of Parkinson’s treatment in Pinecrest. Physical therapists can teach exercises that will help you improve your movement and strength while alleviating pain. This could help you learn to control your body movements and maintain your balance.

Similar to physical therapy, occupational therapy will teach you skills to help you accomplish your daily activities. An OT may also help you select equipment to accomplish tasks at home or work. This also involves adapting the home and work environments for safety, as well as success.

Your First Visit for Parkinson’s Treatment in Pinecrest

Although a primary care physician can diagnose Parkinson’s, they may refer you to a doctor that possesses training in nervous system disorders. During this meeting, the specialist will ask you questions regarding any symptoms that you may experience. Additionally, write down any critical personal information.

They will want to see any vitamins, supplements, or medications that you currently administer. You may also want a family member or other loved one to attend if possible. It may remain challenging to remember all of the information a specialist provides during an appointment. A friend or family member may document, or remember something you miss or forget.

Your time with a doctor is limited. Preparing and writing down questions or concerns ahead of time can help you make the most of this initial meeting together. Ask them about potential causes for your symptoms, in addition to the potential testing, you might need. Don’t hesitate to address additional concerns that may appear during your appointment.

The physician will likely also wield a number of their questions. They will want to know when you begin experiencing symptoms. Do the symptoms happen all the time or appear and then subside? Does anything improve the symptoms, what makes them seem worse?

Parkinson’s Treatment in Pinecrest from QualiCare Home Health

Parkinson’s treatment in Pinecrest could potentially include medication, surgery, and exercise. However, emotional and social support remains at a paramount. Treatment is always focused on symptom management and quality of life. Unfortunately, no treatment can change the natural course of the disease.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health helps patients discover the most effective treatment options while helping patients live their best, fullest lives while living with PD. Over time, PD symptoms will evolve. For this reason, it remains essential to work with a specialist that remains available and willing to help you achieve the best quality of life possible.

To learn more about Parkinson’s treatment in Pinecrest, contact our caring, dedicated team today!


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