An Overview of Parkinson’s Treatment in Kendall

Parkinson’s Treatment in KendallParkinson’s disease represents a progressive neurological disorder. The first signs that you may notice are notable issues with movement. Dopamine, a substance in the brain, makes smooth and coordinated movement possible, but without it, individuals suffer. This chemical is produced by a part of the brain called the substantia nigra.

When you suffer from PD, the cells in this area begin to die. As this happens, the dopamine levels decrease as well. As the levels drop between 20-40%, you will start observing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Unfortunately, no cure for PD currently exists. This is a chronic disease, and will only progress and worsen over time. Furthermore, specialists often misdiagnose the condition.

Nevertheless, you can manage the disease with Parkinson’s treatment in Kendall. This approach can relieve and reduce the derivative symptoms of the disease. The goals of treatment will vary between individuals. However, in most cases Parkinson’s treatment in Kendall aims to:

  • Maintain your overall quality of life
  • Improve your mobility and function
  • Reduce bodily and muscular rigidity
  • Decrease tremors
  • Reverse slowed movements
  • Maintain cognitive function and sharpness
  • Improve your overall posture, gait, balance, speech, and writing skills

Diagnosing and Treating PD

No specific test exists for diagnosing PD. This is mainly due to the cause of Parkinson’s remaining unknown as well. The disease may impart both genetic and environmental components. Some specialists even think that a virus could trigger the disease as well.

People with PD may experience issues like headaches, hearing loss, pain, and double vision. Ultimately, the disease may cause muscle rigidity, as well as difficulty walking, poor posture, loss of muscle control, hallucinations, and dementia.

A physician can make a diagnosis based on health history, in addition to physical and neurological exams. They will also likely review any signs and symptoms relating to PD. This can involve imaging testing like CAT scans or MRIs to rules out potential other disorders. These tests don’t confirm PD. However, they can rule out other similar circumstances while supporting a doctor’s diagnosis.

Parkinson’s treatment in Kendall relies on a multitude of lifestyle changes, medications, and therapies. Rest, exercise and balanced nutrition remain vital to managing PD. Intervention will also likely include a combination of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. These help improve not only communication but self-care and independence as well.

In almost every case, you will also require medication. Medication can help control various physical and mental symptoms that the disease impacts.

Attempting to Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

Similar to the lack of established knowledge on the causes for Parkinson’s, researches also remain at a loss concerning why it progresses differently in each person. This is why it remains significantly unclear on how to prevent the disease.

Research exists suggesting lifestyle factors like physical exercise and a diet rich with antioxidants may offer a protective effect against PD. If your family has a history of PD, genetic testing may additionally remain a prudent idea.

Geneticists link certain genes with Parkinson’s disease. Nevertheless, it is essential to know that having these gene mutations is not a clear indicator that you will develop the disease as time goes on.

PD is not fatal, but complications can certainly shorten your life span if you are diagnosed. Parkinson’s increases your risk for potentially life-threatening complications. This might include anything from a slip and fall to blood clots or infections and blockages in the lungs. These complications result in severe health problems, even death.

The effect PD may have on your life expectancy without Parkinson’s treatment in Kendall intervention may vary. Despite the potentially serious symptoms that the disease can produce, many individuals go on to live long, full lives after diagnosis.

Parkinson’s Treatment in Kendall from QualiCare Home Health

PD is an extraordinarily frustrating disorder that leads to many afflicted feeling the need to alter their daily existence to cope. Our team works to help patients understand the condition while guiding them to live their best lives possible.

This involves managing symptoms as a part of Parkinson’s treatment in Kendall, as well as educating and guiding patients to improve and mitigate symptoms. QualiCare Home Health encourages any PD patient to remain positive as they continue enjoying their life.

Through motor skill maintenance, and cognitive and speech function work, our staff can address the effects of PD. We ensure that Parkinson’s treatment in Kendall imparts a profound influence on any patient’s mental and physical needs.

To learn more about what QualiCare Home Health can offer PD patients, contact us today!


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