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Parkinson’s Treatment in Coral GablesParkinson’s disease is a variable disorder that may affect each patient differently. Parkinson’s treatment in Coral Gables for an individual that suffers from the condition similarly varies based on their unique symptoms.

Motor symptoms affected by PD typically include tremors, rigidity, slow movement, balance problems, and walking or gait issues. Additional non-motor symptoms will include sleep problems, altered sense of smell, fatigue, depression or anxiety, and impaired cognition.


Treatment approaches include medication, as well as surgical therapy. Specialists may additionally prescribe lifestyle modifications like adequate rest and exercise. No cure or reversal procedure exists to counteract PD despite plentiful treatment options and medications remaining available.

Nevertheless, it is common for patients to take numerous different medications, at different dosages, at different times of their day to help them manage their PD symptoms. Discovering the right medications, complementary therapies, support structures, and ways to maintain independence can enhance a patient’s overall quality of life with PD.

Although living with Parkinson’s can represent a challenging endeavor, many treatment options can help patients maintain and improve their lives. Numerous individuals live full, well-to-do lives with PD.


Starting or continuing a regular exercise schedule can impart a substantial difference in patient mobility both short- and long-term. Individuals that suffer from PD commonly experience numerous benefits from swimming, cycling, dancing, and even non-contact combat training.

Regular exercise routines including walking, strength training, and even tai chi can help maintain and improve mobility, balance, and coordination.

Diet and Nutrition

Experts cannot recommend a specific diet as a part of Parkinson’s treatment in Coral Gables. However, healthy eating in general always represents the best choice. Eating several servings of fruits and vegetables will increase fiber intake. This can alleviate constipation (a symptom of PD) while promoting overall health.

Additionally, drinking plenty of water will ensure adequate hydration. As a result, hydration can reduce the likelihood that patients endure muscle strains and cramps. Some fruits and vegetables provide hydration, in addition to high antioxidant levels that remain beneficial to any diet.


Despite no available cure for Parkinson’s, several medication classes can successfully treat motor symptoms throughout the disease’s course. Patients can express their most troubling concerns regarding PD with a specialist. Many times, medication can help these patients reach their goals while mitigating many Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

Daily Living Activities and Occupational Therapy

Parkinson’s disease can complicate even the most seemingly basic activities for patients. Many times, these reflect tasks that patients once did easily, like getting dressed, sleeping, or eating. It is often tricky for PD patients to adjust to these changes. Nonetheless, many interventions can improve safety while encouraging the best possible quality of life.

An occupational therapist specializes in this area. As a part of Parkinson’s treatment in Coral Gables, this professional can help simplify home or work safety. As a result, this additionally optimizes independence through suggestions and modifications regarding daily living.

Emotional Support

Just like medication and physical therapy serve an essential role in Parkinson’s treatment in Coral Gables, emotional support is crucial to optimal health and wellness, in addition to living with PD as well.

People that receive a Parkinson’s diagnosis often feel a surge of emotions. This extends to loved ones as well. Navigating these feelings is not easy. Emotion may take the form of anger, grief, sadness, and even denial.

By focusing inward on their strengths, patients can nurture caring relationships, share their concerns, and embrace healthy behaviors in addition to spirituality. As a result, they may cope better with their current and potential new challenges related to their condition.

Taking an in-depth look at positive aspects of their lives can change a patient’s overall emotional outlook. Parkinson’s treatment in Coral Gables works to help patient’s embrace these positives including, family, friends, or even a new hobby.

Parkinson’s Treatment in Coral Gables from QualiCare Home Health

By taking control of the things they can change, PD patients can gain independence in their lives while minimizing many PD symptoms and stressors. Support should always remain central to any Parkinson’s care plan.

Attempting to take this on alone is like trying to find the way back home out on the ocean without a compass. Unfortunately, PD remains a very frightening experience. Strong and helpful support networks like our team from QualiCare Home Health can provide help in getting patients the care they need and assisting with living life to the fullest.

To learn more about Parkinson’s treatment in Coral Gables, contact our dedicated team today!


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