What is Occupational Therapy in South Miami?

Occupational therapy often gets confused with a method that helps individuals with career counseling. However, occupational therapists don’t worry about your job. Instead, occupational therapy in South Miami focuses on the activities that probably give your life pretty significant meaning.

Occupational therapy in South Miami can help you recover or develop the skills you need to continue living. This might include self-care, leisure, independent living, and work. Occupational therapists might work in a hospital, school, nursing home, and even with patients in their own homes.

Patients who can benefit from OT will include those that suffer from strokes, autism, and other developmental disorders. However, those that undergo surgery, or suffer from depression and anxiety seek out occupational therapy in South Miami as well.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health wants to share some vital information on what occupational therapy can accomplish. This includes what to expect, in addition to what precisely an occupational therapist does. Read on to learn more!

What Does Occupational Therapy in South Miami Do?

Occupational therapists regularly work in various settings. In a hospital or other healthcare facility, an OT will help patients retrain their body to dress themselves. They might also help them with bathing and brushing their teeth. Patients often require help with these skills after an injury or surgical procedure before they head home.

Nevertheless, occupational therapy in South Miami also helps patients work through long-term care. If an OT does work in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility, they could help patients by playing basketball with them. They could utilize a toy basketball to help them gain increased balance and hand-eye coordination. The ultimate goal behind activities like this is improving mobility while reducing falls.

An OT will look at the physical, psychological, and social abilities, in addition to how they interact occupationally. Commonly, these represent that activities that a person wants to do every day.

Furthermore, and occupational therapist will also look at a patient’s environment. This will ensure that they can carry out common tasks in a safe, comfortable environment.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

The fields of occupational therapy and physical therapy often get confused. Both roles offer essential hands-on rehabilitative care to help clients perform everyday tasks as independent as possible. Nonetheless, each field imparts a diverse design and approach to get people back to their typical day-to-day life.

The main difference between occupational therapy in South Miami and physical therapist is the focus of OT on daily activities. Contrarily, physical therapy remains concerned with a patient’s ability to perform specific movements with their body.

An occupational therapist will analyze and treat the whole individual. It doesn’t matter if they suffer from an injury, or wield developmental or cognitive disabilities that affect their motor skills, emotions, and behavior. OTs focus on helping these individuals fully engage in their daily lives.

Occupational therapy in South Miami is more than just a treatment. In fact, for the therapists themselves, its more than just a job. Many specialists reflect on their career choice, stating that it changed their lives as they work to help make an impact on others.

An occupational therapist can help their patients learn how to prevent and avoid injury while working on their healing. Many patients evolve from a physical therapy program to occupational therapy in South Miami when they’re on the final stretch of recovery before returning home.

This is mainly due to the focus on the skills they need to return to their lives after an injury, or because of a recovery from a surgical procedure. After all, how can a patient experience their full life if they cannot dress and bathe themselves?

Occupational Therapy in South Miami from QualiCare Home Health

Occupational therapy in South Miami from QualiCare Home Health involves a comprehensive assessment, in addition to reevaluations to ensure that patients feel ready to regain their independence during daily activities.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the work is done. This information can help an OT devise and implement a home exercise program that helps patients restore their life function while maintaining their current level of activity. This can additionally help them prevent further degradation as time goes on.

Our team works with patients to develop a customized care plan. To learn more about these plans, as well as general occupational therapy in South Miami from our dedicated and caring team, contact QualiCare Home Health today to schedule a consultation!


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