IV Infusion Therapy

At QualiCare, our IV Infusion Therapy is a great way to replenish and hydrate your body for better health. IV Infusion Therapy requires substances are administered intravenously in order to quickly reach life-saving fluids to the patient’s bloodstream. A sterile liquid needs to prevent recovery debilitating issues like infections.

The IV’s come in packaged form or combined with sterile water in order to create a specific solution. Various forms of substances are administered in this fashion with hoses and IV fluid warming bags. Intravenous input is used when an individual’s total volume decreases significantly. Various conditions can lead to reduced volumes as:

  • Vomit
  • Diarrhea
  • Blood loss
  • Electrolyte Level Imbalances
  • Surgery Procedures
  • Dehydration
  • Trauma Scenario

IV Therapy Nursing

Intravenous therapy may be used for dehydration, medication delivery, prevent blood transfusions, and complete for more purposes. Fluid heating is sometimes applied in this process to prevent extreme body temperature drops. The administration of large amounts over a short period may cause a dangerous drop in body temperature. The foregoing is the application of a warmer often results in hypothermia and may delay necessary treatment. Portable models overheat in less traditional medical environments.

How does wearing a Fluid Warming help to intravenous administration?

A fluid heater connects above the entrance to the site to heat before vein access. These devices are much more reliable than the original draft presented to medical facilities. Heat sensor technology helps in maintaining a constant temperature to reduce low mass heaters and the risk of overheating during use. Smaller, compact design with battery power allows a heating device for use in different environments and with the patient remains during treatment.

Medical professionals have the option of models available to reduce maintenance tasks and reduce bacterial infection risks. These changes in the design are the opportunities for heating devices in the field to apply environments, as part of the control of the treatment, and in the field of specialty care.

Improve your quality of life with IV Therapy!

Intravenous therapy is used to deliver a substance directly into the vein via an infusion warmer bag, drip chamber, tubing and an access device. The drip chamber prevents air from its way into the bloodstream and regulates the flow rate is given to the patient. Infusion substances include:

  • Volume Expanders
  • Medicines
  • Salt solutions
  • Blood-based products
  • Blood Substitutes
  • Buffer Solutions

These items can be set for the bloodstream to access devices such as needles, peripheral cannula or central IV lines. A standard infusion therapy set makes use of a pre-filled IV bag or bottle warmer liquid in combination with an attachment for delivery of a substance at a fixed flow rate. Input can be stopped by a long sterile tube and clamp on the IV setup.

Rapid infusers are sometimes used when a person requires a larger amount of a substance and can be combined with fluid warming systems in these scenarios that wearing comfort while averting the development of hypothermia or additional secondary conditions.

IV therapy can be applied as a first response or first aid procedure for incoming patients who lost a significant amount of moisture. Portable devices are included as part of the emergency equipment to protect patients better treatment situations in which this care is needed.

IV Nutrition Therapy

It is our greatest mission to help the elderly and disabled patients reach and sustain their independence and self-reliance. As a professional institute and sighting the recent focus of the United States government about reducing spending on healthcare, hospital readmissions are a costly proposition. The integration of hospital and ambulatory care is the key to reducing readmissions. Formal or strong informal relations between hospitals and the local primary care providers, such as Home Healthcare Agencies, will improve outcomes for patients and reduces the costs associated with health care spending.

Qualicare Home Health Care offers the unique ability to provide health care treatments which were previously only available in a hospital or doctor’s office to receive in the comfort of your home. Qualicare home health care offers a long list of services that are often less expensive, more convenient than and as effective as the care that you would receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. In general, the goal of home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury. For our patients, we are committed to improving patient access to much-needed health care. In doing so, we focus on minimizing the devastating personal consequences of illness, accident or disability in our patients and their families.

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Qualicare Home Health provides the unique opportunity to receive health care treatments that were previously only offered in a hospital or doctor’s office, in the comfort of your home.

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