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If you’ve ever heard the phrase “once a man, twice a child,” this is very true. Many elderly parents at the age of 65 have a hard time keeping up because of illness or weakness. And speaking of children, as small children have daycare services or a babysitter to watch after them, there are also home care assistants who serve as an elderly home health aide. Some of the most common tasks to perform these assistants are listed below:

  • Feeding is an essential task as it keeps your loved ones fed, and also ensures that they eat a balanced diet. A home health aide is to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in accordance with the guidelines of a doctor, as the senior being cared for may have certain medical conditions or allergies.
  • Light cleaning, as with most home utilities such as child care, are sometimes provided, but it is not mandatory. Examples include loading and unloading the dishwasher and clean up after cooking.
  • Incontinence is a common medical condition among seniors. Our home health aides  work hard to ensure that any patient with incontinence feels comfortable at all times and is taken care of.
  • Transport services are also offered. As a senior needs to stay active in the community, whether it is to go on trips, errands, or go shopping, a home health aide can also serve as a driver so your parents will remain independent, even if not in able to drive. After all, mobility is part of what makes people independent and free to do whatever they feel like. Being able to move is something that everyone can relate to and appreciate, so make sure to provide this service to an aging parent, rather than limiting it.
  • Medical services, such as administering insulin to diabetics, changing catheters and taking periodic blood and blood testing is something that will have some qualified home health aides.

Home Health Care Aide

The comparisons between child and adult home care are very similar. Both infants and seniors need large amounts of care to stay healthy and strong, which is why QualiCare is a great option for your elderly loved ones.

It is our greatest mission to help the elderly and disabled patients reach and sustain their independence and self-reliance. As a professional institute and sighting the recent focus of the United States government about reducing spending on healthcare, hospital readmissions are a costly proposition. The integration of hospital and ambulatory care is the key to reducing readmissions. Formal or strong informal relations between hospitals and the local primary care providers, such as Home Healthcare Agencies, will improve outcomes for patients and reduces the costs associated with health care spending.

Qualicare Home Health Care offers the unique ability to provide health care treatments which were previously only available in a hospital or doctor’s office to receive in the comfort of your home. Qualicare home health care offers a long list of services that are often less expensive, more convenient than and as effective as the care that you would receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. In general, the goal of home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury. For our patients, we are committed to improving patient access to much-needed health care. In doing so, we focus on minimizing the devastating personal consequences of illness, accident or disability in our patients and their families.

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Qualicare Home Health provides the unique opportunity to receive health care treatments that were previously only offered in a hospital or doctor’s office, in the comfort of your home.

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