Cerebral Palsy Treatment and Therapy

Cerebral Palsy Programs in South MiamiWhen your child receives a cerebral palsy diagnosis, early treatment can substantially improve their life. Cerebral palsy programs in South Miami focus on ways to help patients get around more easily while alleviating pain and helping patients succeed during typical day-to-day tasks.

The numbers concerning cerebral palsy patients grow every year. Now, 800,000 children and adults in the United States alone remain affected by some form of the condition. With each one of these cases as unique as the individual it affects, treatments vary from person to person.


Nevertheless, the primary goal and objective of any cerebral palsy treatment should focus on the individual achieving their highest possible level of independence. Reaching this level can relieve stress on both patients, as well as caregivers.

Cerebral palsy can affect the way a patient walks, holds things, talks, and even eats. Unfortunately, this means that no single treatment ideally serves the condition. Through cerebral palsy programs in South Miami, a team of healthcare professionals can cultivate individualized, unique plans based on each patient’s needs or concerns.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health wants to share some information on the therapies, treatments, and methods our specialists utilize in cerebral palsy programs in South Miami with success.

Physical Therapy

Considered one of the mainstay therapies in cerebral palsy treatment. Specialists often utilize PT to help decrease spasticity, strengthen underlying muscles and tissues, as well as teach patients proper and functional motor patterns.

Physical therapy for cerebral palsy patients will typically consist of exercises and activities that improve flexibility, strength, mobility, and overall function.

PT’s can additionally educate family and caregivers on how to help patients help themselves. By performing certain stretches, exercises, and techniques at home, patients can learn how to move with better balance, strengthen their muscles, and maintain coordination over time. These approaches can reduce spasms, and help individuals gain independence and optimal functionality.

Occupational Therapy

Cerebral palsy programs in South Miami may also rely on occupational therapy for excellent motor skills and daily living activities. This modality remains very similar to physical therapy. However, treatment places additional focus on the hands and arms.

Those that have cerebral palsy may experience increased difficulty with daily tasks like getting dressed or brushing teeth. Occupational therapists work to give patients assistance at improving their ability to accomplish the daily tasks they perform at home, work, or school.

Speech Therapy

As a result of cerebral palsy also affecting the throat and tongue muscles, patients may additionally require speech and language therapy. When patients need help with their communication, cerebral palsy programs in South Miami can help them learn other ways to communicate.

When cerebral palsy affects a patient’s mouth or throat muscles, they may drool or experience problems with eating and swallowing. Therapy can help them to control these muscles better, including the tongue. As a result, they may improve these issues while strengthening their oratory muscles.

Assistive Devices

Devices such as braces and splints may help patients move around easier, including walking and moving their arms. Other equipment like special chairs might help patients more comfortable when they need to sit.

For more severe cerebral palsy cases, patients may also need a walker, scooter, or wheelchair to help them get around. Special computer software can also help them communicate when they cannot speak on their own.

This facet of cerebral palsy programs in South Miami often overlaps with the aforementioned occupational therapy intervention aspect. OTs enable patients to undergo evaluation for this specialized equipment.

This even includes forks with large or heavy handles that can make it easier for cerebral palsy patients to feed themselves. Plates and cups may also be fitted with special handles and higher lips to prevent food from slipping off.

Cerebral Palsy Programs in South Miami from QualiCare Home Health

Cerebral palsy programs in South Miami utilizes a patient’s strengths. Through this method, therapist intervention actually helps individuals overcome their disabilities on the path to success.

CP programs additionally help these individuals to perform their typical daily activities. These might include eating and bathing. All of this cultivates a higher sense of independence, in addition to self-confidence.

Our team from QualiCare Home Health works to assist cerebral palsy patients to return to a sense of normalcy. Through therapeutic intervention, we can help individuals overcome the shortcomings brought on by this disorder.

To learn more about our cerebral palsy programs in South Miami, contact our caring and dedicated team from QualiCare Home Health today!


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