What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy Programs in Cutler BayCerebral palsy encompasses a group of disorders that severely affect an individual’s ability to move, as well as maintain their balance and posture. This occurs due to brain injury, or atypical brain development. Unfortunately, this takes place around the time of birth or early on in life.

Specialists can detect some symptoms soon after birth. However, some may make a diagnosis later on in infancy into toddlerhood. Cerebral palsy represents a permanent condition. This means that the injuries that the brain endures don’t change. Nevertheless, cerebral palsy effects may evolve as the patient gets older.


If you or a loved one get diagnosed with cerebral palsy, there is always time to learn precisely how the condition affects you. Every individual that suffers from cerebral palsy wields a unique combination of strengths, as well as challenges.

Most people who receive a cerebral palsy diagnosis actually live long, fulfilling lives. However, early intervention and treatment from cerebral palsy programs in Cutler Bay can help these individuals improve their abilities and alleviate symptoms.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy

Fetuses in development and infants up to age one can develop cerebral palsy if they suffer from a brain injury. However, this can also result from disruptions in brain development. This could be caused by:

  • Bleeding in the brain before, during, or after birth.
  • Infection in the brain. This includes meningitis, as well as encephalitis.
  • Shock – a state where organs and tissues don’t receive adequate blood flow.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Unique genetic conditions.
  • Seizures that occur a birth, or during the first month after birth.

Unfortunately, health care providers cannot always determine the exact cause of cerebral palsy occurs. Older children may develop symptoms similar to cerebral palsy if they sustain a traumatic brain injury, experience a lack of oxygen, or contract an infection. When this situation takes place in older children, they typically receive a “brain injury” diagnosis instead of CP.

Treatment Approaches and Therapy from Cerebral Palsy Programs in Cutler Bay

Physical Therapy

For almost all patients afflicted by cerebral palsy, physical therapy plays a vital role in treatment. The goal behind cerebral palsy programs in Cutler Bay is helping individuals that suffer from cerebral palsy.

CP patients often develop large muscles, particularly those located in the legs, arms, and abdomen. A therapist can cultivate exercises designed to avoid contractures, bone deformities, in addition to unwanted movements.

Play Therapy

Play therapy involves accommodating the unique, individual needs of each patient. This often refers to making modifications to behaviors that enhance emotional and social development. As a result, patients reduce their aggression while improving cooperation.

Furthermore, cerebral palsy programs in Cutler Bay assist patients with coping with a traumatic event. Unfortunately, these gains do not come as easily for CP patients as typical individuals.

Specialists will also prescribe exercises and routines for patients to perform at home. They encourage caregivers and loved ones to do the bare minimum in assistance. This helps the patient learn the necessary skills on their own. When individuals help too much, this may slow patient growth and independence.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help CP patients by assisting their development of fine motor skills and small muscles. This approach typically targets the mouth and extremities.

OT extends to helping individuals utilize specialized equipment to assist them with typical daily activities. This might include identifying modified utensils, as well as assistive devices like walkers and crutches to help them with their condition.

Cerebral palsy programs in Cutler Bay evaluates patients to determine if sensory deficiencies remain present. This is a difficulty that many CP patients may express regarding processing basic sensory information.

In any and all cases, occupational therapists will help patients identify and implement reasonable and realistic goals. They serve a crucial role in healthy development and assisting patients to live full, capable, independent lives.

Cerebral Palsy Programs in Cutler Bay from QualiCare Home Health

Those that suffer from cerebral palsy deserve a lifetime of preeminent healthcare from birth to adulthood. QualiCare Home Health offers comprehensive cerebral palsy programs in Cutler Bay for children, teens, and adults with the condition. We work to help them navigate the services and assistance they need.

As CP patients get older, our team supports family. In most cases, this makes the transition into adult-focused healthcare. With our intervention, patients can experience full, healthy lives.

To learn more about our cerebral palsy programs in Cutler Bay, contact the dedicated and caring team from QualiCare Home Health to schedule an appointment!


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