Caregiver Service in South MiamiCaregiver Service in South Miami

As we age, there comes a time when it becomes more and more difficult to be independent. Numerous situations could place someone in a situation where extra care or assistance is needed– recovering from a surgery, advancing age, or chronic illness. However, once a person needs extra care, it is difficult to know what to do or where to start looking for help. Friends and family might offer their support, but most people want to retain their independence. Hiring a caregiver is one way to maintain their independence without putting a burden on their family.


How Do You Know If You Should Hire A Caregiver?


If you have ever had a loved one who needs round-the-clock care, you know the emotional and physical toll providing assistance can take on a caregiver. Though sometimes a relative can take the time to provide that kind of care, more often, there are a lot of factors that make it challenging to get someone the help they truly need. Here are a few reasons where hiring a caregiver service might be the right move for you.


1: You Have A Full-Time Job


Realistically, most adults have a full-time job. Though some people can take off some time or even quit their jobs, most people can’t financially afford it, even if their family needs them. Often the relatives of an ailing person have to carefully balance their own lives, children, and careers against a relative’s need for care. For many, the insurance used for medical care depends on their work as well. 


2: They Need 24/7 Care


In some cases, the care that a relative needs is more than a few months that you can take off of work. Not only that, but many illnesses require 24/7 care and attention. It can be mentally and physically exhausting to care for someone round the clock. It is difficult even to imagine being ‘on duty’ like that, without any breaks to take time for yourself. Not to mention that without the proper training, it’s possible to injure yourself or the relative who needs care. A bedridden person needs to be lifted and moved occasionally, which usually requires help to avoid twisting your own back. Another difficult situation caring for a relative with dementia, you have to keep a constant eye on them, as they can quickly get lost or become a danger to themselves. Having a caretaker, even for a few hours each day to aid in some complicated tasks and give you a few hours to yourself or go to work. 


What Does A Caregiver Service Do?


Technically, a caregiver service will do whatever you need them to do, but there are particular areas of caregiving that are worth taking a look at before you make that call. 


First, there is household help. This kind of caregiving service is usually reserved for people who are living far away from relatives. Providing household services allows someone to continue living on their own by taking care of some of the tasks that the person is no longer to do themselves. 


Second, there is personal care. Personal care assistance involves bathing, feeding, and aiding the patient in dressing and grooming. This sort of service is both for people living with and away from relatives. However, usually, people who need this kind of hands-on care live with relatives. 


Third, there is health care. In-home health care is similar to having a  live-in nurse who helps administer medication, physical therapy, or other medical treatments prescribed by a doctor. 


Lastly, there is emotional care, where someone comes to provide companionship and company to a person. Sometimes this is also part of another type of care but is important all on its own to maintain mental health. 


What If My Loved One Doesn’t Want Help From A Stranger?


One obstacle that many families encounter is that often, their loved one is hesitant about getting help from a stranger, especially if they live alone. Some see it as frightening or infantilizing. It’s important in the beginning that you are usually present, both to help your relative to acclimate and to be sure that the caregiver is the right fit for your relative. 


If they are still resistant, it can be helpful to reiterate that it’s not that you don’t trust them, but that it gives you peace of mind to know that there is someone around to provide help if they need it. Often individuals are more accepting of assistance when they feel it is something that helps them instead of making the patient feel that they are losing their independence.    


How Do I Find A Caregiver Service in South Miami?

Caregiver Service in South Miami

If you decide to hire a caregiver, the easiest and most responsible way to is to go to an agency of background-checked experienced caregivers. Usually, an agency will have a selection of caregivers and services to choose from, which can fit your particular needs. Here at Qualicare, we pride ourselves on providing the best care to people who need it. Our team of expert caregivers is ready to help. Contact us today to find the right match for you! 


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