Caregiver Service in KendallIf you are the primary caregiver for a loved one, you are intimately familiar with just how much work you have to put in every day to meet your loved one’s needs. Elderly or infirmed family members often need some kind of care or attention around the clock. Family caregivers usually carry the weight of a job that provides no holidays or sick days. Hiring a caregiver service in Kendall or the surrounding areas can help ease the burden for Miami families who are caring for their relatives or loved ones.

Although Miami is a place that wields the reputation of a party city with thriving populations of young people, a little known fact is that we possess the largest demographic of older adults in Florida. Our population over the age of 60 resides at more than half a million. As the city grows, our elderly population is expected to grow with it due to both people choosing to retire here and the fact that our lifespans remain longer than ever. 

As this article from the Miami Herald points out, the boom that Miami went through didn’t set up the city in a way that is ideal for dealing with a burgeoning elderly population. Built at a time where Americans were driving more than ever, our city is filled with spread-out suburbs pocked with the occasional strip mall that often doesn’t contain all the amenities needed for life. As people get older, though, they often drive less and depend more on public transportation. This lack of transportation options combined with our skyrocketing cost of living doesn’t mesh well with the fact that one in five of our elderly population lives below the poverty line. 

Miami has already made headlines as the city where young people live at home longer than any other city. This is largely due to the cost of living in South Florida. This high cost of living also impacts our elderly. Both for the sake of convenience and culturally, older adults in Miami often move in with family once they experience difficulty caring for themselves. 

All of this boils down to one simple fact: If you live in Kendall or one of Miami’s other sprawling suburbs, you remain more likely to represent the primary caregiver for an elderly relative than other places in the country. Providing care can prove enjoyable. Cherishing family can create beautiful memories. However, it can also be very challenging. Hiring a caregiver service in Kendall means that you can genuinely enjoy the twilight years of your loved one’s life. Here are a few types of caregivers and reasons to choose them.

1: Personal Care Aides (PCAs)

Personal care aides are unlicensed care workers. They provide strictly non-medical services to people who are elderly or otherwise unable to care for themselves. This can encompass a wide variety of services, from housework, bathing, and cooking to light conversation. It may even include escorting the person on walks. These professionals can offer transportation to appointments or aid in shopping, and generally, perform everyday tasks that a person can no longer do for themselves. This type of caregiver is especially useful for people who are looking for help with a relative who does not necessarily suffer from a condition that requires monitoring and medication. 

2: Home Health Aides (HHAs) 

Home health aides are more “medical” in nature, though they are not fully certified nurses. HHAs provide many of the services that PCAs do, but they meet a standard 75 hours of medical training. They are certified to check vital signs and assist in administering certain kinds of medication. They also prepare light meals and help with daily tasks like bathing and a bit of housework.

3: Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs)

Licensed Nursing Assistants are medical professionals that work under the supervision of a nurse. They can take vital signs, set up medical equipment, and do minor medical things like change dressings and deal with catheters and observe ongoing conditions. 

4: Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

LPNs are licensed, nurses. They are federally certified nurses and can do most of the things that nurses are certified to do. These tasks include patient care, administering and monitoring medications, tube feedings, putting in IV drips, and more. Certain LPNs are also certified in some kinds of speech and physical therapy.

5: Registered Nurses (RN)

Registered nurses hold a diploma and are registered as nurses federally. They have to pass specific exams every few years to keep their RN status. Registered nurses wield expert training to deal with medical equipment, provide expert patient care, observe and monitor conditions, and anything else required of an RN.

Caregiver Service in Kendall
Caregiver Service in Kendall

Where Do I Hire A Caregiver Service in Kendall?

If you want to hire a caregiver service in Kendall, the easiest way is to contact a home health agency, like Qualicare. At Qualicare, we can connect you with the best, federally screened caregivers at whatever level you need. Allow us to help you and your loved ones live a life full of enjoyment and freedom. Contact us today!


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